Senegal Update:

A long but rewarding process:


The ICLC published its first book in the Reading for Life series at the end of March. Working with a number of local distribution partners, we distributed close to 10,000 copies of the žLa Sant»/W»r Gu YaramÓ our French/Wolof book on health issues, with a special emphasis on Malaria, which is the biggest killer of children in this part of the world. Click here to see the book assembly process.

The book combines the work of local illustrators and authors with that of establish Western childrenŪs illustrators/authors including Ian Falconer and Benedicte Guettier, who were kind enough to give us permission to use their work in our context.

We printed the book in Dakar and our print run of 10,000, though small in comparison with say Harry Potter or Richard Scarry, it is the largest printing ever of a childrenŪs book in Senegal.

We distributed the book through a number of channelsůofficial and žgrassroots.Ó We have partnered with the Senegalese Ministry of Early Childhood and distributed our book through all of the government run pre-schools in Dakar such that 3,000 children now have their first book ever. Click here to see our books in action.

We have two more books that are ready for printing and we expect to go to press in October with žLes Animaux/Rab Yi,Ó which is all about animals and features the work of Richard Scarry and Bernadette Depres as well as El Hadji Ciss», an up and coming local illustrator. Click here to view some images from those books.

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This is a wonderful illustration that captures seven separate subjects all related to health issues. Click here for a full size version of this image.